Reiki Treatment

A Reiki treatment (session or energy exchange) consists of two main components:

  • the channeling of Spiritual energy (Reiki) through a Reiki practitioner to a recipient (you)
  • your body drawing Reiki energy to the degree and to the places your body needs it

It (the physical process) really is that simple.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is:

A Reiki Treatment, which is referred to in Japan as Tenohira or palm healing, originally consisted of the placement of the practitioner's hands at five positions about the head. Following those five positions, the practitioner would intuitively place their hands elsewhere on the body.

Sometime later a more formalized hand placement system was created by one of Dr. Usui's students, Hayashi Chujiro, and it is this form of Reiki that is most taught and utilized in the west.

But did you ever wonder what a Reiki treatment actually is? What it consists of? What a practitioner is actually doing with all those hand placements along your body? And what "Reiki" is doing to you?

The Reiki 'Round the World section of My Little Shangri-La is jam-packed with information to assist you in understanding what's going on before, during and after a Reiki session. Hopefully the information will enlighten and energize you enough to seek out including Reiki as a regular part of your healthcare regimen.

A Reiki treatment consists of being seated or lying on a massage table completely dressed while the practitioner places their hands on or near particular points of the body.

It's a subtle, hand-to-body exchange of Spiritual energy channeled through a practitioner to a recipient (you) where it's needed and to the degree it's needed.

Physically, Reiki restores balance to the body's energy system, relaxing, de-stressing, alleviating pain and assisting the body in returning to and maintaining a balanced flow of life force energy.

Spiritually, Reiki assists in re-connecting (reacquainting) you with the Source of all knowledge and all healing, which is the true and only source of self-healing.

If you've never had a Reiki treatment you may wonder:

  • what the Reiki practitioner is doing as they are preparing for Reiki
  • how Reiki works
  • what are the effects of Reiki

Hopefully all those questions - and more - will be answered for you here among the Reiki pages and you can simply relax into the blissful and harmonious healing you receive during the different types of Reiki treatments offered through My Little Shangri-La - Reiki 'Round the World.

The Reiki Treatment

  • Several things happen during a Reiki session. Initially, you'll have a few minutes to talk with your Reiki practitioner to discuss any concerns, questions or medical complaints you may have. (although Reiki is NOT a replacement for medical care, you should always let the pracitioner know of any medical issues or treatments you're undergoing).
  • The Reiki treatment itself consists of being comfortably seated or lying on a massage table fully dressed while the practitioner strategically places their hands on or near particular points of your body. There is no manipulation, topical application or ingestion of any product. And there is no necessity for the touching of any private areas of your body.
  • A Reiki energy exchange is channeled through the practitioner's hands. However, if you prefer not to be touched, it is perfectly appropriate and acceptable for you to share that preference with your Reiki practitioner. At that point the practitioner will merely place their hands slightly above your body. And not to worry, not being physically touched by the practitioner does not interfere in the result of your Reiki session. The energy your body needs will still be drawn to the degree it's needed while the practitioner's hands hover slightly above.
  • Once the practitioner begins their hand placements you may feel warmth, tingling, pulsating or nothing at all. What is happening is your body is drawing Reiki energy from Universal Source (Spirit) through the hands of the practitioner to the degree and to the places your body needs it. 

There is no right or wrong result of Reiki.
Every Reiki treatment is different as every 'body' is different

Within minutes you will most likely begin to relax. Tension will leave your muscles. Your breathing will become more rhythmic. You may even fall asleep.

At the end of the Reiki session the practitioner will softly whisper that your treatment is complete and that you may take a few moments to get up. There is no need to jolt from the position you're in. Take a moment to enjoy the pleasant effects of Reiki energy before rising.

You will be offered water at the end of your session, once you've regained an upright position. Drinking water assists the body in flushing the toxins that have been broken down for release. It is recommended that you drink fluids (water / herbal tea) after receiving Reiki to assist the body in flushing.

Additionally, a treatment room may be physically arranged to enhance the relaxing and healing ambiance of the moment. Music may play softly in the background, lights may be dimmed and candles may burn contributing to the overall state of tranquility and relaxation.

Please let your practitioner know if any of that is uncomfortable for you and they can be omitted.

The best way to experience the effects of a Reiki treatment is to receive one. Don't hesitate to contact me here at MyLittle Shangri-La with any questions you may have. Look over the types of Reiki treatments offered through Reiki ' Round the World or drop in to a FREE Reiki clinic to learn more about Reiki and receive a brief Reiki energy exchange.


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