Reiki Demonstration

A Reiki demonstration is provided to introduce the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki to the general public. Some of what you can expect during a Reiki demonstration is:

  • an oral presentation, explaining what Reiki is, where it originated from, how it affects you and how you can learn it
  • a physical demonstration of a Reiki treatment (table or chair - depending on space)
  • the opportunity to ask questions
  • the opportunity to speak with Reiki professionals
  • Reiki literature and handouts
  • 5-10 minute sampling of Reiki (depending on size of crowd)
  • the opportunity to schedule further Reiki sessions
  • the opportunity to schedule taking a Reiki training class
  • oftentimes a Giveaway is awarded

The effects of Reiki are beneficial in so many ways. But you may find that 'hosting' a Reiki demonstration is more convenient for yourself and/or your group than trying to attend one at a scheduled location.

Whether at your place of business, in schools, your home or anywhere else you might want to host a demonstration, Reiki 'Round the World looks forward to bringing Reiki to you wherever you are.

No special preparations and accommodations are necessary to be a Reiki host. A demonstration can take place anywhere you have enough room to seat your number of expected attendees and room for the Reiki Practitioner to stand and speak. Your living room, boardroom, lunch room or classroom will all accommodate space necessary for a Reiki demonstration.

The Benefit of hosting a Reiki demonstration is that:

  • you can invite as many or as few people as you wish
  • the practitioner's attention is all yours to answer your questions
  • you can learn about this subtle yet powerful healing therapy
  • you get to experience a brief Reiki energy exchange
  • you have a fun gathering with friends, family and/or co-workers
  • and mainly - you embark on the opportunity to introduce an all-natural, easy-to-learn, simple to administer, healing therapy to your personal arsenal of self-healing and well-being.

Feel free to drop in to one of our Free Reiki demonstrations or you can host a demonstration at your convenience at your place.

Contact me for further hosting details and pricing.


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