Journal Writing

Journal Writing is the scientifically-supported, age-old art of putting pen to paper to release:

  • (demons) what’s holding you back
  • (desires) your talents and strengths, dreams and goals
  • (divinity) your inner voice of wisdom that knows the answer to every question you have – and the ones you didn’t know you had

Write to Release ™

Write to Release ™ is a copyright, a trademark, a book and a program developed to assist you on your therapeutic journal writing journey. Write to Release™ will explain what journal writing is, how to get started journaling and what to expect from this age-old therapy.

Why embark on a journal writing journey? I mean, you’re pretty busy, right? The last thing you need to do is add more to your day. Well . . .

Ask Yourself

Do you ever wrestle with:

  • medical concerns
  • emotional trauma
  • partnership loss
  • life changes
  • financial struggles
  • bereavement
  • addictions
  • frustrations
  • uncertainty

Would you like to:

  • improve your health
  • reduce stress
  • let go of pain
  • discover your talents
  • discover your Self
  • promote clarity and creativity
  • face your fears
  • release your fears
  • connect with your inner voice

Learning the healing benefits of therapeutic journal writing – a simple, private, low cost therapy – might be just what the Divine Physician ordered.

There’s no passport necessary – but prepare to travel to unknown places, discover hidden treasures, divulge deep, dark secrets and discover a world within you that you may not have ever met – all from the comfort of your favorite quiet spot.


Write to Release
Journal Writing
available to you wherever you are

Write to Release™ through journal writing classes are currently being offered privately and through the Falmouth Community Night School so be sure to check out the current schedule and join in for an educational, entertaining and enlightening writing journey to your inner voice of wisdom.

The four-week therapeutic journal writing program is also being offered to other local continuing education centers in the Boston area so be sure to check back as class locations continue to be updated.

Or please feel free to contact me with whatever questions you have or information you need. But whatever you do, don’t miss your opportunity to snag a seat in one of our therapeutic journal writing classes and learn to Write to Release™ the three "Ds". It’s sure to affect your life in wonderful ways. See you in class . . .

Easy to Learn - With you for Life


If you’d like to offer the Write to Release™ journal writing program to your group, business, center or school, please contact me here at My Little Shangri-La for details.


Write to Release
Journal Writing

Easy to Learn - With you for Life


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