Introductory Reiki Treatment

The Introductory Reiki Treatment is a very unique Reiki session created and offered through Reiki 'Round the World at My Little Shangri-La. It is approximately 30 minutes long. This is a one time opportunity for anyone who has never had a Reiki treatment before or never had a Reiki treatment through Reiki 'Round the World.This is my way of introducing you to Reiki and the peaceful feeling Reiki leaves you in.

This special session is presented at a very low price, for a special purpose and has additional benefits and opportunities beyond a simple Reiki treatment. (See "package" information below for full details)

The Introductory Reiki treatment is similar to a mini treatment. It consists of the Reiki practitioner strategically placing their hands on or near particular points of the body for approximately two minutes each position. The hand placements consist of approximately 10 hand positions covering the front of the body (torso), the hips, the head, face, knees and feet.

It is my desire here at My Little Shangri-La - Reiki 'Round the World to introduce the harmonious energy balancing effects of Reiki to as many people as desire the experience. And it is for that reason that I've created the Introductory treatment for half the price of its mini treatment equivalent.

It is my further desire that this "introduction" of Reiki will be followed by you by a lifetime of incorporating Reiki energy as part of your regular health and wellness regimen.

Introductory Reiki treatment (30 minutes) Half hour - Half price

  • brief discussion before treatment
  • approx 20 minute energy exchange
  • hand positions covering the torso/head/face/knees and/or feet
  • a few personal moments to relax in Reiki's rejuvenation
  • brief discussion after treatment to answer any questions
  • table or chair (your choice)
  • please plan for approx 30 minutes total time
  • one time only - half hour/half price
  • $25.00

This Introductory Reiki treatment is just one of the many types of Reiki treatments offered here. It truly is a phenomenal way of being able to experience the benefits of Reiki energy at an affordable price. I'm sure you've wanted to try Reiki. Well, now this is an invitation to introduce this healing art to your body, mind, soul and healthcare regimen.

Contact me to schedule an Introductory Reiki Treatment. You won't be disappointed.



The purpose and full benefit of the Introductory Reiki Treatment at this special rate is that it is my sincere hope that after experiencing a succession of Reiki energy within a one-month time frame, you will be so overwhelmed with the healing effects of Reiki that you will give serious consideration to taking a Reiki training class and have Reiki at your own fingertips to administer to yourself and others anytime, anywhere.

You will no longer need to schedule a Reiki session. You will be your own Reiki provider.

And thus, I've created the Introductory Reiki Package.

After receiving a one-time Introductory Reiki treatment at the special rate, you may also purchase an Introductory 3-pack at a special price, providing an additional three introductory treatments at a 10% discount off the regular price. You will receive a loyalty card for the three treatments which needs to be utilized within 30 days of purchase.

But be sure to hold onto your loyalty card because the completed loyalty card provides you with a $25 discount off the cost of a Reiki I class. That offer expires 60 days from the date of completing the 3rd loyalty visit.

I truly wish for you to experience Reiki here with us at Reiki 'Round the World - My Little Shangri-La and to then take Reiki into your own hands. The Introductory Reiki package affords you the opportunity to do both comfortably, timely and affordably. I sincerely hope you take FULL advantage of this opportunity. Contact me for further information or to schedule your Reiki.


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