How Reiki Works

How Reiki works can be a rather mystical concept to grasp. On a physical level, Reiki is a simple, hand-to-body channeling of healing energy. But below the surface, Reiki is so much more. The complete system of Reiki consists of the interconnected workings of Five Elements:

  • Reiki precepts (guidelines)
  • meditations & techniques
  • hands-on-healing
  • symbols and mantras
  • reiju blessing

coming together to:

  • relieve pain
  • restore energetic imbalances
  • reconnect you to Divine source of knowledge

That being said, there's no way to definitively quantify how Reiki works in each of us individually or its capabilities. All you can do is:

  • add Reiki to your arsenal of well-being restoration
  • add your observations of Reiki healing to that which has been recorded before you and
  • trust that Reiki will show you the way to heal yourself and return your multi-complexities to the true essence of healing. 

... because in essence, Reiki has endless capabilities and its own direction or way of returning you to a state of balance, well-being and healing remembrance.

In addition to a physical anatomy, the human body consists of a massive energy system as well.

Energy travels through this system comprised of the aura (energy field), meridians (energy pathways) and chakras (energy centers), supplying your organs, tissues and cells energy needed to sustain whole health.

But there is also the very energetic and powerful system of thought (the mind) that continuously, consciously and unconsciously is responsible for supplying your body messages. When these messages are of a negative type such as pain remembrance, fear, doubt and anger, that negative thought energy results in an imbalance and/or disruption in the flow of energy throughout your body - ultimately affecting your health adversely, as an improperly or malnourished body does not work at optimum health.

Reiki works at breaking through these blocks and imbalances.

Guided by a Higher Spiritual Essence, Reiki flows through the hands of someone attuned (blessed & open to the realization) to Reiki into your body (physical & energy bodies) to the areas that need healing. There is no conscious directive from the practitioner or the recipient. There is no physical manipulation or ingestion of any product.

Reiki endeavors to heal the cause of the disorder, not just the effects (symptoms). And although Reiki may alleviate physical symptoms, it will bring to the surface an understanding of the cause or the message behind the dis-ease because . . .

Reiki's soul purpose is to reacquaint the recipient (you) with its spiritual essence and the source of all healing.

Consistent channeling of Reiki energy assists in maintaining a balance of healthy energy, enhancing the body's ability to heal itself.

A belief in Reiki is not necessary for it to work.

Of course there is truly so much more to Reiki than this simple explanation. This is but a brushing of the surface of knowledge. To experience the magnimity of how Reiki works, schedule to receive a Reiki treatment or take a Reiki class so you can tune in to the essence of Reiki and self-healing.

Reiki 'Round the World connects with you from Boston and Cape Cod. Enjoy your visit here at My Little Shangri-La, Holistic Health & Healing Oasis, and feel free to contact me to discuss connecting you with Reiki.

~ Namaste ~

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