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New Beginnings, Issue #003 -- My Spring Blossoms for YOU
May 06, 2016

Spring is in the air!!! or so the calendar claims

Well, I dunno about you but it’s a bit ch-ch-ch-chilly where I am. Did you plant seeds in the fall that are now beginning to bud and blossom?

Here at My Little Shangri-La I did and I would like to share one of my spring blossoms with YOU by giving you the opportunity to indulge in my one-time Introductory Reiki Session even if you’ve already done so before.

Why would I do that?

I have expanded my Reiki practice and am now additionally located in the lovely Homeport section of Falmouth. I am so happy for those of you from the Falmouth area who found your way to my Osterville location to enjoy the rejuvenating effects of Reiki - but hopefully now you will incorporate more Reiki into your life seeing that it is now available closer to YOU!

In Celebration of a New Season and New Space

I am opening up my one-time only Introductory Reiki Session rate to EVERYONE - which means those of you who have already enjoyed this one-time session are now able to do it one time again by scheduling your session at the Falmouth location. Simple! And I am looking forward to seeing you at the Homeport location because it really is time to . . .

Shake It Off

You don’t have to be Taylor Swift to “Shake It Off”. We all have things to shake off and get rid of. And spring is the perfect time to shake off the heavy (physical and emotional) coats of winter and emerge, energize and enjoy spring’s blossoms . . . internally and externally.

Oftentimes it seems we have no problem tackling the external clutter. We clean out our closets, retire the snow shovels, tune up the sprinkler systems and prepare the barbeques. But our internal clearing, cleansing and rejuvenating doesn’t seem to be as easily accomplished. So . . .

How Can Reiki Help You Rejuvenate

Reiki has been known to:

 Relax the body
 Destress the mind
 Enhance creativity, clarity and confidence
 Recalibrate your internal compass so you’re heading in the right direction

Reiki rejuvenates each recipient on a very personal level because Reiki knows what each of us needs at the moment we draw upon it. The more you tap into and draw upon Reiki the stronger, calmer and clearer you feel.

So, give me a call at 617-872-5268 and celebrate Spring 2016 by letting Reiki blossom in the Garden of Your Life!

Thanks for being part of the pack here at My Little Shangri-La. I look forward to seeing you at my new space at 314 Gifford Street, Suite 4, Homeport, Falmouth, MA and help you bask in the glow of Reiki with a one-time Introductory Session (which is a half-hour session for half-price - $25 instead of $50).

Come on in and rejuvenate your spirit!

Rejuvenate Someone Else with a Gift Certificate

A Reiki session makes a wonderful gift for the moms in your life and we do have Gift Certificates! So schedule a Reiki session for yourself and while there pick up a Gift Certificate for all the moms you probably know that could use a relaxing Reiki session.

All right. So, let’s stop chit-chatting about it and let’s indulge in the spiritually rejuvenating essence of Reiki. See you at the office!

Christine McDonald, RMT

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